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Are you against multi-level marketing?
As you know I quit SFI Marketing Group a little more than a year ago. Before the compensation plan changes, I was getting average result.

The only way to get ahead with this kind of scheme is by sponsoring tons of affiliates and hoping that some day you will encounter some highly motivated individuals willing to follow your steps and start duplicating your actions.

There is an inherent flaw upon the structure this Multi-Level Marketing scheme is built; that is: 98% of the people it attracts, are forced to sell and promote the business opportunity part of the business, instead of the products and services the company provides. One reason for this is the high tag prices those items carry which make them almost impossible to sell, when anyone can buy similar quality products for a lot less money elsewhere.

Because of the above reasons and many more, 95% of members do not make any money with MLM, and what makes it even worse is that the 95% failure rate reaches across all companies, all compensation plans and all products.

Could you really expect people would stick to the program with these numbers? I don't think so. On top of that, the administrator makes decisions to further hinder the possibility to earn commissions. Another reason for failure!

I'm concentrating all my effort on improving what my website has to offer and increasing its exposure throughout the net, monetizing almost exclusively through ads publishing and affiliate marketing; with the exception of the promotion of three market research companies that allow me to sponsor my own affiliates to increase revenue. You can find these research sites here: Market research.

However I cannot deny that I have completed stop looking for a reliable, legitimate, profitable and simple MLM program but haven't found it yet.

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