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Can a marketing Guru teach me how to get rich quick?
The internet has made it easier for entrepreneurs to start a business, but that does not mean there isn't work to be done, quite the contrary. An online business implies and requires a lot of work and time trading.

Since the dawn of Internet marketing, the so called 'gurus' of the field are ready to showing you a big commission check implying that all happened overnight. What they don't disclose is the amount of money they've spent on setting up their site, advertising, and the time, money and effort involved on building their long list of leads. If the 'Gurus' were honest disclosing what's behind their 'secrets', it will be very hard for them to sell anything.

'Gurus' have misled people with their long one page sales site offering you their "big secret manual to success", usually for $39 or $67, into thinking that the earnings they've achieved (many instances fabricated) are the result of an almost effortless activity. What they do not disclose is that the origin of their revenue, and the amount shown as prove, comes from selling those silly, crappy and useless pamphlets to inexperienced beginners, desperately looking for a way to earn some bucks online. It is a shame!

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