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How to use social bookmarking and social networking for SEO purposes?
I have been into it lately, and it involves a lot of work.

It requires registering with the social bookmarking or social networks first, setting up your preferences and favorite websites or links, join a community or communities and start networking, contributing and sharing with its members in exchange for traffic to your newly created blog. The latter apply only to bookmarking services that allow you to create your own blog.

In a simpler setting, online bookmarking is just a web based service that allows you to save visited site you like online instead that on your PC by your browser. Social networking is a broader concept usually included by the major social bookmarking services.

Social media marketing involves many hours of interaction with members of the communities you're associated with. The ultimate goal of this networking activity would be traffic to your website and finally, sales conversion. It takes time, patience and effort, but it can be done. Actually many marketers have found success with this method.

Two important requirements to succeed are that you must contribute and post thoughtful and useful comments on highly visited social media and networking sites with as many members as you can within your selected communities and also you must not give the impression that you are selling something.

As a search engine optimization method (SEO), I have found that social bookmarking is a very fast way to get new sites and new pages indexed by the search engines, and it has good potential to be an effective method of SEO when it comes to building incoming links to a website.

The amount of traffic generated will depend on the level of interest the given title of said resource gets, and if it is shown or listed on the category you've chosen to be included, or on the front page of the bookmarking site.

It could be another way to effectively have easy access to your favorites sites from any computer with an Internet connection. But do not expect miracles when it comes to traffic and high PR back links.

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