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Do you have any suggestions for parents who work from home with kids?
Here are ten useful tips for parents who work from home and have kids:
  1. Start your day early, even before the kids are awake. This is the preparation time, to assess the day ahead.

  2. Having a work only area in your house is very helpful. It is also necessary to lay down the rules as to what they cannot touch in your workspace.

  3. You should have the discussion with your spouse regarding child care while you are working from home. If you can afford it, make arrangement with a babysitter during peak work hours or try to trade off child care duties with your spouse.

  4. You may need to reconsider your work hours to accommodate a child care schedule. The typical 9 to 5 workday may not work for you.

  5. You may also need to resign yourself to not being able to get as much work done as you would like.

  6. Set down rules and lay out a schedule that is beneficial for your whole family.

  7. Keep the kids busy. You can lay a routine of fun things to keep them busy and keep them aware that you have to work.

  8. Assign tasks to your kids. This gives them a sense of responsibility and feeling important.

  9. For some private jobs or critical task, hold it until the kids are asleep.

  10. Be flexible.

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