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Advertise For Pennies & Make Thousands.
by Sarah J Doyle © Copyright.

It makes no difference if you have an internet site, brick 
and mortar store, or a work at home business, it is a
fact that none will succeed if nobody knows you're there.

Advertising IS the key to success; however advertising doesn't
have to cost a fortune!  Of course, the big display ads cost 
advertisers many thousands of dollars, and  "pay per click"
advertising on search engines can add up to big dollars very
quickly if you're not carefully targeting proper key words.

There are many ways that we can promote our businesses literally
for PENNIES, that can rake in THOUSANDS of dollars
in sales. Listed below are just a few ideas that work well, and I'm
sure you'll be able to come up with additional ideas once you
start working with these.

MINI-FLYERS are an ultra cheap form of advertising. Mini-flyers
can be made 4, 6 or 8 to a regular sheet of paper that tells 
about your home business, store or website, and would include 
your business name, URL for website, phone number and brief 
information about your business. Make copies of this page on 
brightly colored paper, then cut them apart. The mini-flyers 
can then be put into each of your bills as you pay them. Think 
about it, the clerks who open bills all day surely get bored 
with the job, so when they open your envelope and your brightly 
colored mini-flyer falls out, what do you think happens? Of 
course, the clerk will pick it up and look at it. They may 
also hand it around to others in the office. This one simple
addition to your bills could bring in lots of new business!

FREE AD ON YOUR ENVELOPES. You can either use labels, or glue 
or tape one of your "mini-flyers" on the back or front of each 
envelope and package you mail out. There is no way of knowing 
how much "free" advertising these mini-flyers will generate - 
after all, you're mailing the letters and packages anyway, so 
why not take advantage of that and give your advertisement a 
"free ride"?

ENCLOSE SALES LITERATURE in all outgoing orders. If you 
already have a business where you send out orders, NEVER send
out a "naked" package! If you simply enclosed the customer's
order and receipt and mail the package, you're missing out on
one of the very best sales tools available! Any additional sales
literature you can enclose in the package (other items you offer
for sale, information on another website to visit, etc.) could
bring you extra sales. It is a well known fact that if a
customer buys from you one time, they're more likely to buy 
again and again, if they are satisfied with your service and 
products that they bought in the beginning.

BUSINESS CARDS are one of the cheapest methods of advertising
that I know of. Many times, people will have 1,000 or more
business cards made, then put them on a shelf and never use
more than a dozen or so. If you have a business or website and
don't have business cards - GET THEM! Hand out the business
cards to prospective customers, leave one on the table at the
restaurant when you go out to eat. Many restaurants and other
businesses have a location where you can put a small business
card holder with several of your cards in it for future 
customers to see and pick up as they pay their bill.

MAGNETIC CAR SIGNS can be one of the cheapest forms of 
advertising around. Your "one time" purchase cost will give
you years of advertising and will move to every part of town
as you do your errands, etc. Always try to park your car at
the end of a row of cars and walk the extra few feet to the
store simply because the car sign will then be seen by everyone 
driving by as well as all those coming into the store parking 

SCREEN PRINTED SHIRTS. This also is a "one time" purchase 
that will last for years, and will be read by people wherever 
you are walking - through stores, standing in line at a check 
out register, etc. These don't have to be fancy, just "to the 
point" so people reading them will know what they represent. I 
saw one a few days ago that simply had a pair of glasses on it 
(the symbol of the website) and the words "Specterweb.com" --- 
everybody knows to put the http:// in front and in this case I 
wrote it down just so I could go there and see what it was (and 
this will work the same way for you). You can make enough of 
these shirts for you to wear, or perhaps some of your family 
might want a "free" shirt (they will be advertising your website 
when wearing it), or you always have the option of selling or 
giving them to customers as a free gift for placing an order.

Sarah J. Doyle is author of over 25 business, sewing and how-to
books and is owner of 5 business, sewing and craft websites.  
Visit http://YouCanWorkAtHomeNow.com for more tips, free
articles and how-to information on work at home careers and

© Copyright, Sarah J. Doyle. All Rights Reserved.

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