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10 Sales Tips for Small Business Owners.
By Peggie Arvidson-Dailey © Copyright.

Running a business is easy compared to the act of selling. As 
a small business owner you started your business to deliver a 
superior product or service, not to become a salesperson. 
None-the-less you must master basic sales skills or risk losing 
your business due to lack of clients! Here are 10 tips to help 
you turn those inquiries into sales. 

1. Define the benefits to the customer. You've found their pain, 
now you need to come up with a cure by answering their question, 
"What's in it For ME?" For instance, if you are a pet-care 
provider you "make it possible for a couple to enjoy their 
honeymoon in Hawaii without feeling guilty about leaving their 

2. Qualify before you present. Okay, you know their pain and can 
cure it. You now need to know if the person on the other end of 
the phone or e-mail query is likely to buy from you. Take time 
up front to ensure this a good prospect for you. When you qualify 
your prospect you want to know: 

a. Is this person the decision maker?
b. Does this person have a real need for what I'm selling?
c. Does this person have the budget necessary to pay for my 
   product or service? 
d. When does this person wish to start using my product or 

3. Only sell to the decision maker. No matter how well your 
product or service solves a client's problem, and no matter 
how wonderfully you articulate that benefit  if you are selling 
to someone who doesn't have the authority to purchase your 
product or service, you've wasted your time.  
4. It's about the relationship! Every interaction you have with 
the potential client either builds or destroys their trust in 
you. As Henry Ward Beecher said, "Hold yourself responsible for 
a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse 
yourself." This a great mantra for anyone involved in the sales 
cycle. Trust takes a long time to build and it's very easy to 
destroy. Make sure every part of your relationship with the 
prospect is held to your highest standard. 

5. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Do you know what you 
want the customer do at every step of the process? Set goals for 
each step of your sales process, as well as overall sales goals 
for the month, quarter and year. Create an outline and script to 
get you from an inquiry to a sale. Tweak your outlines and 
scripts to fit each individual customer. One size does not fit 

6. Questions and objections are a natural part of the sales 
process. During your preparation compile a list of every 
possible question and objection that you might hear. Now spend 
some time creating a list of responses. Your responses should 
lead back to questions eliciting more information about your 
customer's pain.   

7. The issue of price. If the first question they ask is "how 
much does it cost?" Don't beat around the bush, answer their 
question right away with a statement like, "depending on the 
service plan you select our rates range from XX to XXX, I would 
like to spend a couple of minutes finding out specifically which 
plan is right for you." If they are comfortable with your price 
range, they will continue the conversation. Remember, part of 
qualifying is determining whether your potential customer has 
the budget to buy from you. 

BONUS TIP: By answering their question head-on you are making it 
clear that you are a 'straight shooter,' a great way to build 

8. Make it easy to buy from you. Has this ever happened to you? 
You find a great product on a website or in a store, and you are 
ready, willing and able to buy, only to find out a) you can't 
find the "purchase now" button on the site, b) they need to find 
out if they still have the item, or c) the clerk is busy on the 
phone? Depending on your mood and free time you may wait, but 
more than likely you leave without your purchase. Is it 
infinitely easy for your customers to buy your product the first 
time? Make it even easier for them to make a repeat purchase! 

9. Ask for Feedback. No matter how good at sales you become, you 
must keep your 'edge.' Ask questions to find out what you're 
doing well, what your customers wish you did and why potential 
customers did not buy from you. Use what you learn in your 
preparation and goal setting process. 

10. Have Fun. Running your own business should be fun. You've 
dedicated your career to something you love. Let your personality 
shine and make sure you find ways to include your customers and 
associates in your good time!   

The Sales process does not have to be a dreaded part of running 
your business. It's the best way to watch your revenue grow. 
Evaluate your current process and implement any of the missing 
tips to watch your sales success grow. 

Peggie Arvidson-Dailey is the founder of Pet Care Business 
University and the Pet-Care Business Success System. She 
is the author of several articles on small business success, 
and has been interviewed by Chamber of Commerce Radio about
"Making Your Customers Crazy...About You." As a trainer and coach 
she helps people across the country create and build the pet-care 
business of their dreams. Visit http://www.peggiespets.com. 

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