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The Ultimate Link Building Strategy
by Shelley Lowery © Copyright.

If you've been looking for an easy way to get your link on
hundreds of websites and increase your traffic, providing
content may be your answer.

Not only is providing content easy and inexpensive (it only
costs your time), but it also has the potential to provide
you with massive free promotion and builds your credibility.

If you've contacted any webmasters lately and requested a
link exchange, chances are, you didn't receive a response.
More and more webmasters are choosing not to exchange links
with other sites. Instead, they are now requiring content in
order to receive a link.

As you're probably aware, the Internet is all about
information. For this reason, webmasters and ezine
publishers are continually looking for quality content. 

Content comes in a variety of forms, such as articles, tips,
reviews, HTML/JavaScript codes, ebooks and software.


Write quality articles in the area of your expertise. At the
bottom of your article, include a few lines of text about
you and/or your products, and a link to your website. 

The most popular articles are those that teach or inform
with regard to the subject matter.

Articles should be between 500 and 750 words and formatted
to 60-65 characters per line.

For further information on writing and publishing articles,
you may read the article entitled, "Write for Publicity."


Write quality tips in the area of your expertise. At the
bottom of each tip, include two lines about you and/or your
products, and a link to your website.

Tips can be written in various lengths -- from just a few
lines to a couple of paragraphs. For example, following is
one of the hundreds of tips I've written.


When designing your website, your copyright information
should be displayed at the bottom of each page. It's best to
include both the word Copyright and the (c) symbol, as some
countries don't recognize one or the other. Your copyright
might look like this: Copyright (c) Year Company Name

Today's tip by Shelley Lowery, author of the acclaimed Web
Design Mastery series. http://www.webdesignmastery.com



Review different products or services and write about your
experience with the product, service and/or company -- good
or bad. 

At the bottom of the review, include a few lines of text
about you with a link to your website.

HTML/JavaScript codes

Write HTML and/or JavaScript codes that will enable your
readers to copy and paste them into their web pages. Include
any needed instructions and allow them to be freely

At the bottom of the code, include a few lines of text about
you with a link to your website.

All of the above content can be promoted through the various
article announcement groups on the Internet. These groups
contain publishers looking for quality content and can
provide you with massive free promotion.

Here are a few groups to get you started:

Article Announce 

Free Content

Free Reprint Articles 


Write a short, quality ebook that teaches or informs in the
area of your expertise. Throughout the ebook, include
references to your products or services with a link to your
website. In addition, make sure you let your readers know
they may freely distribute the ebook.

Place a link to your ebook on your website to enable your
visitors to download it. 

To encourage webmasters to distribute your ebook, create
customizable fields to enable webmasters to include all of
the following:

    Company or website name 
    Linked web address 
    Affiliate links (if applicable)

In order to create an ebook that can be customized, you must
first purchase an HTML ebook compiler that offers this
option. Keep in mind, not all compilers do. There are only
two that I can recommend and they are:

Ebook Edit Pro http://www.ebookeditpro.com
Activ E-book http://www.ebookcompiler.com

Both of these compilers will enable you to create
customizable fields. 

For some additional exposure, submit your ebook to some free
ebook sites. Here are a few sites to get you started:


For additional information on ebook publishing, you may read
the article series, "Ebooks: Self-Publishing Your Way to
Internet Success." 


Create a software program that will be of interest to your
target market. Place links to your website within the
software and allow it to be freely distributed.

You can use this technique even if you're not a software
developer. Elance is a marketplace that enables you to
outsource projects to their global pool of service
providers. Visit Elance to post your software project and
take bids from developers. http://www.elance.com

Place a link to your software on your website to enable your
visitors to download it. 

For some additional exposure, submit your software to some
of the free software sites:

http://www.download.com (fee based)
http://www.zdnet.com (fee based)

As you can see, there are many different ways you can use
content to increase your traffic. The key to using this
technique effectively is to allow your content to be freely
published with your information and links included.

Your content could be picked up by webmasters, ezine
publishers or even print publishers and has the potential to
be viewed by hundreds of thousands of Internet users.

Providing free content is one of the absolute best ways to
get your link on thousands of websites. Use it to your

Shelley Lowery is the author of Web Design Mastery - An in-depth 
guide to professional web design. And, Ebook Starter - A complete 
ebook design kit. Visit Web-Source.net to sign up for a free 
subscription to Etips and receive a free copy of the acclaimed 
ebook, "Killer Internet Marketing Strategies."

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