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A Work At Home Business Is Not For Everyone

January 18, 2008
by Javier A. Garcia © Copyright.

As you might know working from home has many advantages: Freedom, no boss, more
time available, flexible schedule, no limits on income to name a few. This article will
focus around some of the most notable challenges you will have to face at some point
when you decide to work at home.


You will have to find ways to motivate yourself. Without much interruptions or a boss
to answer to, you need to provide this situation yourself. Interruptions force us to take
breaks on us, which in turn, tend to increase productivity. You need to think how you
will ensure that you take breaks at certain intervals.

With isolation you have no colleague to whom share ideas, consult, or ask for advice,
specially if you live alone. You will need to seek these types of relationships elsewhere
and find strength looking for people you can relate to for guidance, or just for mingling
about your business.


When building a business, a plan is a must. If you are not an organized person, you will
face this problem. This also apply to your marketing efforts, which will be a big part of
your tasks when running a business. It must be well planned and executed everyday.

Also you must evaluate the success of your activities and review them every week to
have a clear picture about where you stand. If things are not going as plan, revise your
plan, and identify what needs to be changed in order to reach your goal. Also it helps
incorporating your tasks into your daily activities.


When you work from home you can decide when you work, but might run the risk of
sacrificing your own personal time. You need to make up the time somewhere. The
work has to be done. You might want to complete it during the weekends, nights, or
any other time you wish, but you will find that balancing work and other daily tasks
can become stressful and quite challenging.

If you have a family you might find yourself into an argument about the extra time
you spend doing work. If you live along, you might run the risk of compromising your
personal time. That's why you need to think about where you will place the line
between work and personal life. It is a balancing act.


Starting a business means hard work and long working hours. It isn't that easy. Sure,
those long working hours are all dedicated toward your own business. Itís also your
time and effort, and the work must be done.

If you own a business that you love and feel passionate about it, then the work will
be more like playing and you'll enjoy doing it, thatís a desirable thing to have. But at
the end of the day, you will definitively be tired like anybody else, and sometime
feeling like youíre not making any progress. It is here when you will need to adjust
your plan and keep going.


You will need to have a smart business plan, and be able to adapt your plan as you go,
particularly when you reach limits, ceiling, and hurdles; which will inevitably happen. Money
it's a bit hard to earn, specially at the beginning. 

You must be well organized, persistent and focused on what you're doing. Take into account
that income is a bit hard to obtain at the beginning, so what you gain in high income potential
having your own business, you'll lose in health insurance, earning security, retirement plans,
and other jobs benefits.


You'll need to find creative ways to sell, no matter what your business is; be it a product,
service, of your own or someone else. You will always have to respond to or please someone
beside yourself in order to reach the ultimate goal of earning money. At some point, you will
need to balance your income goals, your desire for creativity, and the demands of your clients.

Sometimes your creativity is in sync with what your clients want or in some situations, youíll
need to sacrifice your creative freedom in order to meet your income goals. That's the reason
why the needs and desires of your clients will influence how our creativity manifests in the
final product and/or service delivery. Itís a matter of balancing your income goals with your
desire for maximum creativity results.

Final Thoughts

This article is meant to prepare you for the challenges and difficulties you'll have to overcome
when pursuing your dream of starting your own work at home business. I'm not trying to
discourage you in any way, instead I want you to be aware of these challenges so you'll know
what to expect in advance.

Working at home is hard work. It can be made easier by looking for or creating work that you
already know how to do, or that you're really passionate about. Start with ideas that you are
good at it and really love to do.

If you make the decision to start your own business, you'll have to plan how you will handle
these challenges. Having a home based business can be exciting but definitively, it is not for

About The Author

Javier A. Garcia is a successful Internet marketing expert and administrator of more than
half a dozen websites available to anyone interested to start a work at home business, or
to work from home. He has many years of experience in marketing, website optimization
and promotion.

Please note: Permission to publish this article is granted solely on the basis that you keep its content intact, and the links in the About The Author box alive.

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