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Work At Home Most Noticeable Disadvantages

by Javier A. Garcia © 2008

It is well a known fact that the advantages of working from home are greater and definitely compensate the
disadvantages of working at home. Also, it seems that working at home is the latest method people prefer
in order to earn extra money offline and online. However, most people jump directly onto this idea dreaming
and hopeful to generate huge profits without seriously considering its ins and outs. Therefore, you should
take into account the next disadvantages before making your final decision.

Some disadvantages inherent to working from home

You will feel isolated. This is one common disadvantage of working at home, specially if you are a socially
active person. It is a fact that people tend to see their work offices as a place where they are able to meet
people and make new associates and friends. Obviously, while working from home at your home office, you will
not benefit of this interaction, may feel lonely all day long and there is a good chance to also feel a bit

You will not get any health benefits. It is one of the biggest downside of working from home. Nonetheless,
you could buy some basic health insurance coverage for you and your family, which should cover most health
related conditions. However, might be that the benefits that you qualify for may not give you as much
coverage as you wish, but you still can protect your health.

Some individuals may need the presence of the boss or colleagues around to get the job well done. People who
telecommute often are disciplined enough to work without their manager pushing or urging them. However, this
is definitely not the case of many. They may get tempted to waste their time by their family, friends, surfing
the Internet or watching TV.

You may find it difficult to separate your personal or family life from your work life. This is another obstacle to
face while working at home. Additionally, you still have to discipline yourself in a fully dedicated manner as if
you were working in a regular workplace environment. Although you may find that work at home is a rewarding
experience, working from home is not as easy as someone may think out to be.

Practical knowledge about computer and the Internet is helpful and sometimes essential for this kind of
business. You will need to have good computer skills to work smartly and more efficiently from your home. It
is essential to acquire writing as well as editing skills and the mastery of the English grammar while working at
home. Many people fail in their work at home based businesses because they do not pay attention to these

Final thoughts
If you really wish to work from home, it is less likely that these disadvantages will stop you from pursuing your
dream. Just make sure to focus all your dedication and efforts on your work to reap maximum benefits out of
your home based business venture. If you ever decide to work at home, you need to constantly monitor on
things. The only person who will be looking after a crisis is you and certainly, crisis can happen at any time
even late during the night. Of course, there are ways to tackle these issues, provided you take time to resolve

After seriously considering the above discussed disadvantages, it is up to you to decide as whether working
at home is suitable for you or not. However, thousands of people overcome these obstacles and still claim to
experience a sense of accomplishment through their home based businesses activity. Finally, consider these
disadvantages vigilantly and you will surely make a wise decision.

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